About the Series

One of the exciting initiative KRISIN has launched is a series of Star-Leader videos interviews, starring people who have achieved extra-ordinary success/ impact in their field(s). Extra-ordinary be in terms of name, grit, respect, position, impact, expertise, creativity, growth, innovation, pioneering work, excellence, institution-building or outreach.

Through this series, we want to share the vast pool of experience of those who have walked the path of deliberate, planned hard work and reaped its benefits.

All those who are looking to become more effective in order to achieve their ambitions, all those who are looking to to learn from the experiences and expertise of the successful leaders will find this immensely useful!

Each video in this series will

- Give readily implementable practices that would help the viewer improve their approach to the way they work, their thinking and their experience of results.

- Highlight the specific practice-to-result connect so that the viewer may focus on the appropriate one for getting similar results.

- Show the viewer the behind-the-scenes secrets of the visible, lauded success of the Star Leaders.

KRISIN CONSULTING helps leaders, especially the younger leaders in the workforce, to adopt Effective Practices in their life and work. So that they can achieve the desired results they want - both in their own execution and also through their teams.

By Practices we mean a set of periodic personal routines the leader has consciously adopted in his /her life that eventually gives them the results and success they aim for.

A flywheel starts with taking small turns with big efforts put in, and goes on and on, giving rise to faster turns with lesser effort. Similarly, positive practices, once adopted into the lifestyle and bloodstream, contribute to positive results.

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