Continual Improvement in Knowledge, Application & Behaviours at WORK comes from PRACTICING what you KNOW consistently.

We help you to do just that

A customisable, scalable, SERVICE-LED, TECH-ENABLED solution for creating FOLLOW-THROUGH JOURNIES for
anything you want.
Transform your strategies into ON-JOB BEHAVIOURS & PRACTICES and enable adoption at the last mile.

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From Intent to Practice - With You Every Step

To the dedicated employee - When you are caught up daily in delivering results, fighting the fires, and just staying on top of your critical to-dos, it seems very hard to devote time to BECOMING BETTER anything.


To the dedicated learning teams – When you have to deliver a wide variety of learning programs across capabilities, across levels, across functions, it is near impossible to support EACH employee to PRACTICE and ADOPT.


To the investing leader – When you spend so much of the organizational resources on ensuring timely communication, good processes and opportunities to learn to your teams, you WANT to know what the ROI on these investments is.


Continual Improvement is more possible and realistic than improving everything in one go

  1. The learning options available to you helps you become better at delivering your KRAs
  2. The learning programs you are offered are centred around the problems you face in your work
  3. You are able to immediately apply what you learn in your work
  4. You can direct when and what you want to learn

Typically, only 20% of any group of people have the learning muscle developed well enough to improve proficiency and application by themselves

The rest of us need clear, well-structured maps laid out for us to build our LEARN-TO-LEARN MUSCLE; much like we need a fitness coach to help us with a clear action plan and help us sustain the progress.
An ecosystem that provides this MAP truly completes the cycle – by not only giving us the Why and the What but also the HOW of building proficiency in any area, of achieving goals in any area.

IMAGINE if your people have this support, at their fingertips, at the POINT-OF-WORK.
A MAP that points to the next step, gives absolute clarity on how to do it, nudges, tracks and supports you and your people.
IMAGINE the effect on:


Employee Ownership
and Engagement


The opportunity is exciting, tantalizing, a call-to-action beyond the self and worthy of pursuing.

Become 10X Better in Anything they Need to or Want to.

Our Offering

  • A service-led, tech-enabled suite of products that helps you to help your employees seamlessly in their FLOW-OF-WORK, at scale
  • Enabling personalised, contextualised, follow-through for anything you want, till the last mile

We focus on helping with the “HOWs”
We help the leader answer all the HOWs, action on them deliberately and translate the actions into consistent on-the-job-behaviours.

Our Hack

Speedy deployment of follow-throughs from a repository of multiple use cases
Keeping the follow-through intensity high with a design rooted in behavioural science
Real-time visibility to the sponsors and stakeholders with our granular, cross-sectional analytics on the status of the interventions

What it means for you

Deploy follow-through-based learning for all your critical areas

  • Improving the outcomes on Strategic Interventions
  • Equipping the Sales Organisation
  • Learning & Development
  • Improving Compliance Behaviours
  • Facilitating Change Management
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Some of Our Clients

Completely Customisable to the Organisational Competencies and Individual Context

Become 10X Better at Anything You Want