We bring hyper-individualised, contextualized, practice-able learning to the Point-of-Application.

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A pioneering, customisable & scalable
Transforming goals into on-job-behaviours and
Driving their adoption at the last mile

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From Intent to Practice - With You Every Step

Learning programs for leaders help them to be way more effective, way more successful - both in their personal leadership and team leadership.

The intended outcome of any learning is positive behaviour change - for better effectiveness in whatever we are doing.

However, majority struggle to apply the learnings in an on-going manner that actually moves the needle on their effectiveness and success.

KRISIN brings the critical part of the learning - the doing & the practising - to the place and time the learner needs it most - when the leader is at work.

Post a Learning Journey, 90% of the learner-leaders report some perspective change, some mindset shift, interest and motivation towards their own learning & growth.

About 75% take action on the spark and start applying the learnings in the way they work and lead.

Cut to the end of 1 year - only about 15% demonstrate a behavior change in 1 competency area.

If we help and support each of the 75% to transform their spark into improving the way they work, IMAGINE the effect on


Employee Ownership
and Engagement


The potential is exciting, tantalizing, a call-to-action beyond the self and worthy of pursuing.

Our Offering


  • A tech-enabled-human-connect solution
  • Pioneering, customised, scalable
  • Enabling hyper-individualised, contextualized, practice-able learning at the Point-of-Application.

We focus on helping with the “HOWs”
We help the leader answer all the HOWs, action on them deliberately and translate the actions into consistent on-the-job-behaviours.

Our Hack

Keep the learning intensity of the learner high enough for a long enough period till application becomes a way of life.
  • Learning Agility is the consistent, deliberate practice towards one’s learning and growth.
  • Support, Track, Measure, Reinforce the application of learning in your teams, real-time.
  • From Intent to Practice - KRISIN helps you complete the learning cycle.
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Completely Customisable to the Organisational Competencies and Individual Context