KRISIN Star Leader Series turns 2 today!!! I am recalling the state of excitement & nervousness I was in through the day; & just when I thought the launch had gone smooth, SOS-ing the tech team to address an unexpected glitch while in the middle of a friend’s party at night..
A big thank you to all those who participated in this journey – leaders sharing their practices, audience who were all praise and encouraged us tremendously, the various members who did what was needed at various stages.
To marry this milestone and the current times of crisis, I am sharing a series of interview sections where the leaders have talked about some of the particular challenges they have faced; and how they dealt with it;
in the hope that, as per the ethos of the Series, it will help someone somewhere to cope, be resilient and solve their particular problems. Thank you AT!…revisiting what you shared in 2019 B.C!

Chapter 1: Discontinuities create Opportunities.

2001, Challenge Round 1: Right sizing & Voluntary cuts
2008, Challenge Round 2: Re-orient the business portfolio
2015, Challenge Round 3: Culture & Mindset Shifts
2020, Challenge Round 4: Unimaginably terrible as the current crisis is, I will look to learning from you on how NIIT is dealing with this mega Round 4

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