If you are the ‘Creative” types, it is likely that you hate having to be a “Manager”. Then how does one build exciting, world-class Design Organisations? Hear from Sapna Behar, Founder Director of IcarusNova, known for its design led innovations, on how she keeps her creative juices flowing and at the same time manages to inspire, lead and retain a team of ambitious, talented designers.

Sapna Behar, Owner, Icarus Design Pvt Ltd

Sapna has a degree in Design from the IDC at lIT Mumbai and is also an Electronics Engineer. Sapna was a Senior Designer at the Titan Design Studio before she joined Icarus as a partner. She leads Strategy and Innovation and is a recipient of the DST-Lockheed Martin Innovation award. Amongst her other responsibilities, Sapna directs IP creation at Icarus.

IcarusNova is a Strategic Design Consultancy. Over the past two decades, they have shaped brands from ideas to reality. They combine vision, craft and detail to create brands that are compelling, engaging and memorable. Their design research driven approach has delivered tangible results for India’s largest FMCG companies as well as startups looking to disrupt the market. They value long term partnerships, non-hierarchical relationships, and build personal relationships with our clients and employees. They believe in balance in our professional and personal lives. They find inspiration and harmony at work through space design and we’re always keen to welcome students into our space.

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