Founder, Samuday Psycon

Co Founder and First Executive Director, Sumedhas Academy for Human Context

Sushanta’s work has been dedicated to enhancing human creativity and wellbeing, collective as well as individual. He has developed and applied his continuous learning to foster self sustaining change in organisations through his consulting practice. His key element of working is the use of energetics (combines time, place, mind, body and spirit) that the client can subsequently learn and promote.

He is convinced that adults learn what they desire to learn, and as such didactic knowledge transfer is of little use – all learning here must therefore be experiential – not theoretical. In other words teaching or preaching cannot promote positive change in thinking or action.

Sushanta began his ‘education’ after completing his B.Tech from IIT Delhi (1970) and MBA from IIMAhmedabad (1972).

He worked in the Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (Indian Space Research Organisation) engaging with research and design, devoted to communication for change through learning for rural audiences. By 1975, he chose to immerse himself into learning the art and science of change by choice and enquiring into the nature of human beings and existence. He took qualification from the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences in 1976 as a practitioner in Applied Behavioural Sciences.

He has dedicated his life to increase understanding human phenomena and existence through direct experience enriching these with insights from contemporary understanding rather than outdated concepts. The central axis has firmly lain in self understanding. He was on the faculty of the Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad (1977-1980) (ASCI is India’s first civilian management institute for management development education).  His ‘teaching’ work is almost entirely experiential.

From 1980 onwards, Sushanta founded and has remained engaged with his consulting practice in the field of Organisation Development and Institution Building. Since 1980 he has been consulted by over a hundred organisations, both commercial and non-commercial (Educational institutions, the Catholic Church and NGO’s) for change, development and conflict resolution. He has worked in Singapore, with Ivy League professors in USA, Government of Dubai and with Airtel Nigeria in Organisation Development, Personal Growth and Team Building assignments.

Sushanta holds the position that economic pursuits ought not to define ones engagements completely. He has thus deployed about 50% of his time to probono honorary public work.  Towards this he was a visiting faculty to IIM Ahmedabad for about three decades (1973-2003), and National Institute of Design for one decade (93 to 03).

He is a co-founder of Sumedhas Academy for Human Context and its Indian Academy for Organisation Development. Sumedhas (est 1996) is a not-for-profit that trains professionals in change management praxis beginning with the self. Sushanta conducts public workshops aimed at bringing the best of applied behavioural sciences, promoting experiential learning about oneself and others. These range from basic workshops to advanced laboratories that help explore the mind-body-spirit continuum and consciousness.

He is a committed learner of Yoga and Indian philosophy.Sushanta loves his work, cooking, painting, wild water angling and vintage cars. He is resident with his wife in Delhi. Their son designs interactive websites and daughter makes films.

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