A book starting with an extremely intriguing lens on the story of a nail-biting FIFA World Cup Final; this perspective is what runs through-out the book Good Values, Great Business, co-authored by Br. Prasanna Swaroopa & T.D. Chandrasekhar. Especially useful is the breaking down of the Why & What to relatable everyday workplace dilemmas and examples.
A fresh perspective on the significance and worth of cultivated values in bettering team interaction and accomplishing business objectives and goals. A skill especially required in these times where the tension and uncertainty are high and the morale is low!
Thank you Br. Prasanna for this enlightening conversation! KRISIN is delighted to share, over the next few weeks, nuggets from the conversation with Br. Prasanna & TD.
“An organisation is all about teamwork, effective interaction and collaboration among individuals. Unless these and many other values, both at the individual and team level, are actively nurtured and facilitated, meeting and excelling the business goals will become an uphill task.” – Good Values, Great Business


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