Rashmi Daga Founder at FreshMenu.com

Rashmi Daga laid the foundation of one of the most-exciting food-tech companies in the country in September 2014. Armed with rich experience in spearheading and managing several startups and diverse businesses, she wanted to bring the best and freshest of foods to customers’ tables.

FreshMenu, is on a constant quest to whip-up interesting food options in kitchens (spread across a city) that deliver freshly cooked food. “FreshMenu was aimed at delivering good food for ‘whenever I am hungry, wherever I am’,” says its founder Rashmi Daga.

Fresh Menu’s USPs: FreshMenu offers a daily-changing menu with recipes from around the world. It has its own delivery team and offers keto-friendly, LCHP (low carb-high protein) and salad meals, making it popular with dieters. The food is delivered in desk-friendly packaging for the convenience of office-goers.

At 5,00,000 orders a month, FreshMenu gets over 80% of its revenue from repeat customers — a testament to the popularity of the food brand. And that remains the singlemost important metric for Daga as she builds the next leg of growth for the firm, which clocks annualised revenue of about Rs 150 crore. 

FreshMenu operates in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi-NCR and has about 35 cloud-kitchens. 

Recently, Daga launched a loyalty programme called FreshClub, which offers exclusive menu items, first access to new dishes, free delivery and assured discounts to members. 

After completing her MBA from the IIM-Ahmedabad in 2003, Kolkata-born Rashmi Daga went on to work across a wide range of companies, including IBM India, Johnson & Johnson Medical, TutorVista, BlueStone and Ola. She also started an online curated art marketplace afday.com in 2011, which she shut down a year later. While afday.com clocked between ₹5 lakh and ₹10 lakh in monthly revenues, Daga realised it wouldn’t go far as “its time hadn’t arrived yet”.

This width of experiences across industries equipped Rashmi to scale up and build FreshMenu as a formidable brand in the Indian food-tech market. 

Rashmi is also an alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering with a B.E in Electrical Engineering.

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