Dr Manoj Verman is a specialist in tunnelling and rock engineering with over three decades of extensive experience with infrastructure projects in India and overseas. Although an engineer by profession, Manoj’s passion for theatre goes back several years and, despite his busy work life, he has managed to act in many plays and has worked with very renowned directors. He has just ventured into film acting also.

With international recognition and proven track record in his core areas of underground structures and rock engineering, he is currently an independent consultant focussing on these areas. He is a dynamic leader who effectively combines his passion and strong technical skills to deliver engineering services of high quality to time and budget.

His international positions include Vice President on global Board of International Society for Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering – ISRM (2011-2015) and President, International Commission on Hard Rock Excavation (2011-2019). On national front, he is currently the President of Indian National Group of ISRM (2014-2020) and has been a Vice President of Indian society of Engineering Geology (2013-2015).
In his extensive career, Manoj has served with various organisations including Geodata Engineering as Technical Director, Halcrow as Director of Tunnelling & Geotechnical, and Golder Associates as Vice Chairman of the Global Tunnelling Group.

He graduated in Civil Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh and obtained his Masters and Ph.D. in Rock Mechanics from IIT Delhi and University of Roorkee respectively. He has published over 75 papers and is currently writing two books.

He is regularly invited to deliver technical lectures in India and overseas and is widely acknowledged as a speaker of international repute. His short courses on “Tunnelling” and “Rock Slope Engineering” are widely regarded as the most comprehensive ones and have been delivered in several countries.

Besides his strong interest in theatre, he has keen interest in voice-over, sports, history and just about anything on earth. A well-read and widely travelled person, and with an active interest in a wide variety of topics, Manoj has created a niche for himself in various circles comprising of knowledgeable and talented people – both off and online.

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