Leaders Are Not Born, Leaders EVOLVE….
Leaders Practice, Practice & Practice And EMERGE.

Effective-Leader Practices


Any effective leadership development effort needs a focus on the individual : taking each employee within himself/ herself and connecting with his/ her unique vision, mind-sets, beliefs and ambitions.

This is a pioneering program that provides high-intensity attention to each participant, and enables each one to practice, upgrade and embed the fundamental habits that make or break success.

The focus is on the habits needed to deliver at the current role and also prepare leaders for future roles of increased complexity.

The framework creates and blends together the different dimensions needed for effective leadership behaviours to take shape at work.

The objective is to:

  • Make each employee more successful.

  • Make the organisation’s investment in their development more successful.


Effective-Team Practices


Translating individual excellence to team excellence is neither incidental nor effortless! It is difficult for team members to achieve shared goals without the support of common practices and habits that enable and facilitate execution.

This program enables the Team Leader to implement fundamental practices for the entire team that improves the team effectiveness and also forms a bedrock for team learning.

Focus is on empowering the Leader to institute and embed the practices that will help constantly align the team to the company’s strategic priorities and execute successfully, both in the short-term and the long-term.

This framework focuses on the critical lead indicators for effective execution and team capability building.

The objective is to:

  • Improve team practices that are the lead indicators for a team’s success.

  • Equip the team with tools for collaborative working.


Completely Customisable to the Organisational Competencies and Individual Context

Become 10X Better at Anything You Want