Preeti Gupta

Founder CEO, VocaBOOM

A Chartered Accountant and ex-corporate-banker, Preeti is the founder of a pioneering franchise-based educational institution VocaBOOM.

VocaBOOM has a franchise network in over 40 Indian and International cities. 

Preeti dreams of English fluency, enrichment and a strong personality with depth for every child in her country. She believes the change has to be at the core level of values and in the presentation of English language for a well-rounded personality of a global citizen, emerging from India. 

Passionate about giving children the respect, the right upbringing and the development opportunities that is our duty as a society, Preeti shares her thoughts, inputs and experience through her parenting blog To Love To Respect To Parent.

VocaBOOM was one of the six programs worldwide to receive an ELT International Innovation Awards nomination by The British Council, Manchester in 2008.

VocaBOOM now has 5 programs in its suite, focusing on Communication, Confidence building and Personality Development.

Preeti herself writes and curates all the program curriculum and design. She also manages a parenting page on Facebook, that focuses on Emotion-based parenting. 

With a deep interest in spirituality, alternative internal-healing and growth, Preeti believes in the untapped power of the mind to create and change reality. She is in the process of writing her first book.

Preeti is an alumnus of:

R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics, B.Com  

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, CA

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA: ’Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence


You can connect with Preeti at 


InstagramVocaboom and Preetishares

Twitter: @preetimg

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  • Very refreshing video..

    Yup ! Early morning start .. setting a tone for the day is the basic ..I completely agree an element of good humour all through the day keeps yourself and the environment live to think fresh n deliver more .. it will also enable you to raise above fear with self and all others ..

    Great insights Preeti 👍

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