In this video RamG Vallath, one of the most inspiring Motivational Speakers and author shares the practices he has adopted in his life that have helped him; not only to overcome hardships but also to create the kind of life he wants.

Ramgopal Vallath, better known as RamG Vallath is a much-sought-after motivational speaker and bestselling author.
RamG was born into a middle class household in Kerala. Being a fighter, RamG obtained a high all-India rank in the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE), a tough hurdle one needs to clear to study at some of the most sought after tech institutes in the country. After a B.Tech., he did an MBA from the Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI) in Jamshedpur and jumped into the rat race. He carved out a highly successful corporate career for himself by first becoming one of India’s youngest heads of a telecom operation, in Airtel, and later going on to work as a director in Dell and HP.
Unfortunately, from the age of thirty-three, he was afflicted by a rare autoimmune disorder that affected his nerves and gradually weakened his muscles. But, brought up on a daily dose of P.G. Wodehouse and hands-on scientific experimentations, RamG learned two things pretty early in life: one should never take oneself too seriously, and no problem is unsolvable. Over the next ten years, while grappling with his deteriorating health, he continued to hold down tough and complex jobs, spreading cheer wherever he went.

In his quest for improved fitness, he lost 12 kg and taught himself how to swim by watching instructional videos on YouTube. He has delivered his talk titled ‘Find Your Own Oops in Life’ to thousands of corporate employees. It has made them laugh out loud even as he shared life-changing lessons.

He is also the author of a wacky and humorous novel for children called Oops the Mighty Gurgle. He plans to become the most prolific science author in the world and has embarked on an intense e-learning spree by enrolling for many online courses. His aim now is to touch a million lives positively.

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