Unassuming, Humble, Unbiased, Commands incredible loyalty from colleagues and customers alike, yet a seasoned and successful negotiator! Srikanth Iyer, Serial Entrepreneur and Co-founder & CEO of HomeLane has some great insights to offer on #How-to maintain the sweet-spot of a Win-Win while remaining true to your Values.

Hear his #Top3Practices on #Negotiation that have helped him build enviable value for his businesses time and again.

Watch this space for more of the #Serial Entrepreneur’s on-the-ground #Practices for #Start-up Governance and for one of the most difficult tasks for a #founder, letting go of employees in a start-up.

Srikanth Iyer
Co-founder & CEO –  HomeLane &
Venture Partner – Unitus Ventures
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Srikanth is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of HomeLane.com, which is a home interiors startup that designs and delivers fit-outs for homeowners. He founded HomeLane in 2014. At aHomeLane, they bring functionality and aesthetics together to provide home owners with customized and efficient home designs. Their designers specialize in home interior design ideas and home décorto helps create inviting and personalized spaces.

He is also a Venture Partner with United Seed Fund (USF) where he helps USF’s portfolio education domain specifically, and with their other investments owing to his proven track record in leading successful edutech companies.

As co-founder of Edurite Technologies and later CEO, Pearson India., he had been part of the core leadership team for several years  and grew the mind-share for Pearson in the K-12 domain across the country. He had been responsible for bringing technology enabled education to millions of schools in India and making Pearson a leading player in Indian education. He brought that driving force, the spark of entrepreneurial energy and organizational growth to Magic Crate as their Advisor.

As a seasoned information technology entrepreneur with over 21 years of experience, Srikanth brings superior prowess in sales, operations and strategic depth to the table.

Srikanth started his career with Wipro. He worked for Wipro for a brief period, from where he ventured on to follow his entrepreneurial instincts. This then led him to co-found Edurite Technologies (2000), a leading e-content provider in the education space. Srikanth’s incandescent leadership bears testimony to the phenomenal growth story of Edurite, which he led to acquisition by TutorVista (2007); a global online tutoring company, and further acquisition by Pearson (2011).

Srikanth holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering from Harvard University (DCE) and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering from Bangalore University, India.

He has been a state level Table Tennis player for 4 years and is an avid sports fan who dabbles in squash, tennis and cricket.

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